June 27, 2018
After serving southwest Wisconsin with professional engineering and building design services for over 38 years and land surveying services for most of that time I am saddened to announce that as of June 30, 2018 Woodland Consultants, Inc. will be closing it's doors.
I thank all of you who have allowed us to serve you over the years. Your trust in us was always appreciated. It has been fun to watch and be a part of so many positive changes to our area over the years.
I thank those who have worked with us over the years.
A special thank you to Lynn Newkirk who was very important to us as we were just getting started and Tom Lawrence who helped us so much over so many years.
To Bill Schroeder: Although, unfortunately you have passed, I thank you for all of the years service. With all of your drafting and computer skills, your creativity and your attention to detail we developed drawings for far more than five hundred building projects throughout the State. I couldn't have done it without you nor would I have wanted to.
To Terry Cornell: Thank you also for your years of service. Your expertise in land surveying and construction stakeout along with your honesty and integrity allowed us to complete so many construction and surveying projects. I couldn't have done it without you either, nor would I have wanted to.
To Mary Fowler: Although, unfortunately, you too have passed, without you there could never have been a Woodland Consultants, Inc. so thank you again from the bottom of my heart for everything you did.
I will keep plans and files for a while so if you need copies of past projects you can reach me at 608-647-8611 and we can make arrangements to help you. I will also continue to make blueprints and copies upon request and upon my availability. Please call in advance.
Time for me to go golfing.
Woodland Consultants, Inc.
Larry D. Fowler, President

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